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I’m Tim Frie, founder of The Functional Nutrition Institute.

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The Functional Nutrition Institute is a functional nutrition and health coaching practice for moms with chronic and autoimmune disease who want to lose weight, gain more energy, and reclaim control of their body. The Functional Nutrition Institute provides moms with a well-lit path to reclaiming their health without complicated programs, fad diets, or getting trapped in the healthcare system.

Functional nutrition equips clients and coaches with the ability to understand the how and examine the why of your body, allowing you to (finally) address the primary causes of your health problems.

Functional nutrition is an approach to health coaching that is based on an integrated, evidence-based, biological ecosystems perspective, allowing coaches and their clients with the ability to discover the primary underlying driving factors of challenging health concerns. Functional nutrition relies on the ability of coaches to understand the client’s individual genetic, lifestyle, environmental, and biochemical influences that affect the body’s interconnected physiological networks.

Rather than using a one-size-fits-all program or focusing on resolving a specific set of symptoms, functional nutrition health coaches recognize the varying multitude of driving factors that may be causing the client’s health concerns. This approach allows coaches to hypertarget underlying pathways that are causing health issues — all of which are unique to you.

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As a parent, when you’re not healthy, your kids aren’t healthy. When you have chronic and autoimmune disease, aren’t happy with your weight and have no energy, it might seem like you’ll never be happy and healthy.

Growing up as an only child, I watched my entire family — including my mom and dad — struggle with health problems. I lost both of my grandmothers to cancer and watched everyone else struggle with a long list of chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders. In my early 20’s, I dealt with my own health crisis. Despite being “young and healthy” and having a career practicing real estate in Florida, I found myself in the hospital with a heart infection that “young and healthy” people don’t get. I thought I was going to die.

The experience of losing my grandmother, reflecting on the health challenges of my family, and experiencing my own health scare (and all of the stress that accompanied it) brought me to a place of wanting to help parents who have chronic and autoimmune disease get healthy, feel younger, and live longer so their kids don’t have to go through what I did. I want you to be around as long as possible so you can create amazing memories, teach your family life lessons, and leave a legacy that makes you proud.

I’m passionate about equipping parents with simple, easy-to-follow tools that they need to get healthy, feel, younger, and live longer. That’s why I made the decision to study human nutrition and functional medicine at the University of Western States, become a Functional Nutrition Health Coach, and establish The Functional Nutrition Institute.

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Tim Frie is a Functional Health Nutrition Coach for moms with chronic and autoimmune disease, employee well-being consultant, and founder of The Functional Nutrition Institute. As a coach, Tim helps moms with chronic and autoimmune disease lose weight, gain more energy, and reclaim control of their body. To learn more, visit www.thefunctionalnutritioninstitute.com.

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